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High Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, is a set of corundum in high alumina ceramic ball, lining bricks and other high temperature structural ceramics production, development, sales and service in one of the large modern ceramic enterprises. Company's annual production of alumina 92%, 95% high aluminum products 40000 tons, alumina 75% in the high alumina series products 6500 tons, 68% tons of alumina and 150000 tons of aluminum products and 3500 tons of alumina micro beads.

The company has a number of high temperature high temperature tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, large roller kiln, large spray granulator and multiple isostatic pressing machine and other advanced production equipment and high degree of automation, means of advanced testing equipment. Has a high level of technical personnel, technical strength of hung thick, complete specifications, excellent quality. Products are widely used in ceramics, iron and steel, mining, power, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and thermal power plants and other industries. In order to adapt to the rapid development of the new economic era, we have always held the "quality and quantity, suitable for the needs of customers" the quality of purpose, the spirit of "innovation, people-oriented, beyond the high special" spirit of enterprise, to attract talented people to innovate. In the process of innovation, we will continue to improve our R & D capabilities, to meet the needs of the market more oxidation.

We are willing to cooperate with all sectors of the community to cooperate with you to establish a variety of economic and technical cooperation, for the revitalization of China's ceramic industry to work together to develop.

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